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Drenova neighborhood is located in the city of Rijeka, a neighborhood that has historically represented a border situation. As far as the boundaries are visible and invisible, how we record them, how we move from museum history to history, and how we work cartography of everyday life in the context of historical heritage are important features of what makes our closest environment.

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The STEPS project is a joint pilot project of the European Union and of the Council of Europe aimed at building and strengthening communities, promoting solidarity, dialogue and mutual understanding between the various communities through action-based action plans. Relying on the experience and achievements of the Council of Europe and ICC cities in the field of cultural heritage, as well as on the implementation of projects and programs through STEPS, are developed action plans based on the participatory engagement of communities.
Relying on the experience and achievements of VE and cities of the ICC network in the field of cultural heritage as well as culturally diversified societies, HIPE will develop and test the methodological framework for the use of heritage at the local level. This methodological framework will be implemented through an evidentiary process of research that will propose indicators for measuring the impact of participatory approaches to cultural heritage as a resource for community development and cohesion.

The project will include three main steps:

• Mapping heritage and assessing needs in relation to community cohesion;

• Network mobilization, training and strategic planning based on heritage,

• Development of indicators of change of perception and monitoring of results through initial and final research;

STEPS project:

The STEPS pilot project includes the cities of Rijeka and Lisbon. In this context, the project “Expand / Pass it on” – a cultural heritage and added value representing the five neighboring counties of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County – are part of the project, which is part of the program Rijeka 2020 of the EPK – program line 27 neighborhoods.