Drenova proceedings Vol. 2

Drenovski zbornik vol 1

Members of the Society have been actively participating in the social and cultural life of Drenova for several years. They do so through the work of the Society, but also with cooperation with MO Drenova, which is issuing Drenovski list newspaper. For a long time there has been an idea that on the one publication the thematic reunite existing (and new) texts about Drenova.

The aim of the programme is to inform citizens about the former life on the drainage and preservation of cultural and historical heritage through the publication “Drenovskih Zbornik”. The Plan is through a series of booklets to process the historical period from 1850 to 1939. The first booklet of the series was realised within this programme.

Drenova proceedings contain selected textual and graphic materials from the archive of the Local Drenova Museum with an additional interpretation of the authors who best depict the observed period (1850-1918) and events that have significantly influenced the inhabitants of Drenova area.

The final material had 64 pages and the printing is C/b since it is an archive structure that is not in color.
The realized circulation is 200 copies.