The Heritage Society "Without Borders" Drenova - Rijeka.

Address is Croatia, 51000 Rijeka, Drenovski put 138/A.


Our areas of interest

People Protecting Places

We’re preserving the cultural heritage

We collect and keep the memories of our fellow citizens from Drenova

The collection of the material, and especially the intangible heritage of our region, is our main task. We maintain the preservation of speech, feelings and values through the creation of digital archives in which we have recorded our fellow citizens:

We're exploring new technologies with AI

We’re exploring new technologies with AI

We are interested in innovations and new ideas.

How to apply innovative technologies and “revive” old stories

The ideas of Drenova associations are grouped according to possible scenarios of development and ultimately simply creating a new space for the community that is spreading not only to the Drenova neighborhood but the City of Rijeka.

Our project are already creating space for potential European co-operation in several directions:


We’re putting together creative people

We create a Drenova Cultural HUB. Meeting place and innovation accelerator.

The “Without Boundaries” Association, the Drenova Social Development and Innovation Center (HUB) project, is working to exploit those potentials in settlements that can become the pioneer of development, supply or simply quality leisure.

With the development of the Drenova Cultural HUB Project (the Drenova County Museum, the future Border Museum, new technology research laboratories and autochthonous eco-systems, and the capital international project for the reconstruction of Drenovska arboretum), which after the design phase became a technology-market interactive space that preserves and presents heritage, but in parallel performs functions of local small coworking space, place of residence and exchange of ideas and experiments.

Our award-winning members



Questions and Answers

How to become a member of the Society?
Coming to our regular meetings, every other Wednesday. Membership fee is a symbolic 30 kn.


Meetings of the Society are twice a month - please check calendar of events.

What should I bring?
ID and a little goodwill:)

Because we need you!
We have big plans and ideas for the next period-and the establishment of museums is a serious business.

You don't have to worry about not being able to contribute (you don't know something or you're not an expert)-there's work for all professions and levels of knowledge 🙂


The rooms of the facility of Drenova heritage museum - see map.

From the statute …

The main objectives of our work  are:

  • Through friendly companionship of the members of society, to improve and to organize fundraising, to help establish regional museum of Drenova as an institution of special cultural significance for the locals of Drenova, the city of Rijeka and the Republic of Croatia,
  • Promoting the activities of regional museum of Drenova and individual programs and performances, and within the framework of business and private activities of the members of the Society,
  • Action in favor of the regional museum of Drenova which is based on non-profit basis.

The company participates in the care for culture, cultural education and youth training, in the framework of its possibilities and the taking of its membership

  • Assistance in finding sponsors and donors of the Regional museum of Drenova,
  • Patronage of Education associates in the country and abroad-scholarships.

The activities of the company are:

  • Friendly socializing at the meetings of society members,
  • Arranging and organizing different cultural and charitable activities (concerts, exhibitions, charitable events),
  • Promoting the idea of supporting projects and  programs in regional museum of Drenova-Rijeka, and advising and assisting the employees of local museum of Drenova in solving of current affairs, to the search for responsible persons of the museum of Drenova,
  • Advising of legal and natural persons – donors and sponsors of the Regional museum of Drenova around the redirecting of funds intended for the museum of Drenova,
  • Promoting and improving all forms of cooperation with bodies of State and local government and self-government and professional institutions to achieve the objectives of the Society,
  • Cooperation with other comparable and similar associations in the country and abroad, and all other organizations, institutions, physical and legal persons supporting the work of society,
  • Performing other tasks that contribute to the achievement of the objectives o f establishing the society established by this Statute.