Drenovski list 20.

Drenova spojne ceste

The election for Councilors MO Drenova – Why should we go to the polls…

As we have already informed you in mid-April the mandate of this convening VMO – the elections will take place in mid-May. Although I am personally and all councilors MO drains dissatisfied with the powers and manoeuvre that the Council has in the domain of deciding on important issues – it is nevertheless about the important institution of every democratic system. In this or similar forms, local committees exist in all advanced democracies and represent the first point of contact of citizens with the institutions of the State.
Although often these elections do not attach sufficient significance, they are objectively the only option for citizens to directly influence the political and development processes in the middle of which they live and work – in contrast to the ‘ big policy ‘ in the conference or government where citizens can only passively To observe what is happening, hoping that reason will prevail and that decisions will be made for the benefit of all citizens.

This choice defines whether the elected council conse will be able to cope with all the “challenges” in the MO area and in communicating with the competent city services. Despite the occasional oscillations in interrelations and communication, it should be noted that the local government in Rijeka is arguably the most developed in our country and that it is worth advocated for its further training. I am sure that by the time we enter the EU we will have an organization and processes that will be suspicious with any more advanced union.
I personally expect from a new term to continue with the projects in the field of MO Drenova, and to continue to improve the established standards of work MO and successful cooperation with the responsible persons and departments of the city of Rijeka
Therefore, dear Drenovčanke and Drenovčani, I invite you to respond to as many as you can in the upcoming elections for the local self-government and to give your voice to people of trust who you believe will best represent your interests and expectations.

Detailed design plan (DPU) for incentive Residential Building (POS) residential building on Donja Drenovia

VMO Drenova at its 44 session considered the whole situation around POS apartments on Drenova and especially in light of the latest solution of the DPU which is completely unacceptable to the Council. VMO absolutely supports the POS program and is looking forward to solving the housing problems of our citizens. We also consider that the Drenova has enough attractive locations for such a construction type. But unfortunately the excellent idea has turned into its opposite in the case of POS Drenova.

To recall the facts:


1. VMO and the citizens are not satisfied with the location for POS apartments since the beginning – and culminated in the citizens ‘ quorum:

A. Location selection was not transparent and no MO was consulted, no clear selection criteria at all. Alternate locations that we subsequently suggested were not even considered. The “Finished Act” policy, which has culminated in the misconfidence of citizens for the purpose of local self-government, is constantly being ruled.
B. Why the location is not optimal, we have commented repeatedly but the biggest problems are inadequate traffic connections, problems with the sewage system, destruction of pine forests, destruction of the natural habitat (“ponds” – which also has a small source of Water), inadequate terrain full of rotors and cavities, high altitude differences etc.
C. The constant insistation of the design of the plan and the competent persons from urbanism on the plans of the plan and not looking at the wider picture and context of the DPU for POS with Donji Drenov is particularly unacceptable. This is not the DPU in the middle of the desert but it connects and leaches to existing space and infrastructure – so if these “compounds” are not adequate it cannot be DPU. And solving all the accumulated problems is planned in some future time – because such an obligation of course cannot be part of the DPU for POS.


Conceptual Solution

2. Nevertheless, a tender was announced for a conceptual solution that had a very attractive concept, but it was immediately clear that such a project could hardly withstand the POS criteria (construction prices) which was subsequently turned out. VMO has “accepted” the proposed solution because it ensured the maximum preservation of greenery and offered adequate parking spaces in gares (that is why green is preserved).

3. However, when the creation of the DPU “stated” that the planned buildings were too expensive (can not have garages?!) and the modification of the project was carried out in such a way that the garages were lifted and there was an additional outdoor parking lot created on the plot. It is not necessary to say that it completely changes the basic concept and the reason for which the conceptual solution was given the main prize. In addition, such a solution is impossible to fulfill and other main prerequisites (preservation of greenery and natural habitat), which completely distanded the whole project from the original idea.

4. Furthermore, given the size of the parcel even if it is completely paved it is not possible to provide a sufficient number of parking spaces. The Argument of the type that “so nearby there are plenty of free parking” is unserious and shows no concern for the inhabitants of Drenove. I would like to remind you that there is a chronic lack of parking spaces due to the lack of vision of the designers from 80 years, and the entire buildings were built and not secured a single parking space. It is incomprehensible to the Council that projects made at 2010 at least slightly do not anticipate the future and provide a little more manoeuvre for future generations.

Huge digs

5. It is also incomprehensible that according to the new project they are planning a huge excavation to make parking (altitude difference 7-8 meters) and demolition of the existing retaining wall that cost hundreds of thousands of kunas. Due to altitude differences and ways of construction we have received a comment that it is impossible to preserve anything in the area because “the whole hill needs to be flattened”. The only solution is that after the completion of the construction plant greenery. And that’s a really lame substitute for a dense pine forest that grows there now.

6. And now at the end after talking with all the participants who operationally work on this project are all unhappy – MO because it is all the opposite of our proposals, the designer because the idea has changed, the maker of DPU because it can not correctly plan the space and is forced to On a number of compromises that are not “future proof”, the investor because everything is too expensive and does not fit in POS gabarite, etc. Etc. Then why are we doing it? Why don’t we look at these alternate locations?

7. And we got the answer to that – the funds were approved and now it is impossible to change anything because there is a danger of “losing” them!


In accordance with the previous VMO Drenova has brought a negative opinion and cannot in this form support the DPU or POS on Donja Drenova.

While our decision of course does not have any weight and cannot stop the “initiated machinery”, we hope that it will at least act on the consciousness of responsible persons in such a way that it cannot and must not work and that more important communication with the local community is needed in all Projects of significance for these environments.